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Top 10 Must-Have Gardening Apps

 No one can deny that a thing of beauty is a pleasure forever. Singing birds and dancing flowers not only inspired Wordsworth to immortalize them in Echoing Green, but also excited him to utter that fields are my study, nature is my book. Flowers not only attract the butterflies but mesmerize the hearts of every onlooker. Nothing pleases me more than sitting in my garden and looking at the waving floral beauty. Whenever I am in my office or at any public place, I never feel lost as gardening apps remain ever with me. Gardening apps are not only a source of visual pleasure for hobbyists, but also a wide range of information for professionals. Here are some of the gardening apps which have impressed me.
IGarden USA
This is a gardening helper. NanoSoft, LLC boast of its versatile capabilities and usefulness in gardening. It covers comprehensive information on flowers, vegetables and herbs which can be grown successfully in various climatic zones of the United States. I am really impressed by its new feature, IGarden USA Cloud, for sharing information. I downloaded IGarden USA from the Apple Store for $4.99.
Backyard Gardening Tips
My office fellow, Robert, is also very interested in gardening. He told me about this application and I found it quite helpful in maintaining and renovating my backyard garden. Backyard Gardening Tips is free.
Urban and Air Plants
Air plants and urban varieties are becoming very popular and giving new trends to plant lovers. For their information, has done a very good service by producing an application known as Organic Gardening.
The Gardeners Calendar
This application is very helpful for those who are interested in growing vegetables. It covers seasonal vegetables and provides a lot of information about weather and parasitic effects on various vegetables. If you are a vegetable lover, then go to The Garden Calendar to have this applet for less than $2.
Gardening Manager
It is a gardening guide which has a lot of information about vegetable plantations at home or field level. Several techniques of successful vegetable plantations are discussed in it. If you are a vegetable grower, you do need Gardening Manager.
Garden Diary
For scientific and artful manipulation of your garden, Garden Diary can help you in keeping the record of all gardening work. My neighbor, Andrew, loves this app and says that he feels very assured as Garden Diary rings the bell to remind him of every garden related activity.
Beginner’s Gardening Guide
It is a wonderful gardening applet for beginners, having useful information about many gardening websites. There are several videos which for teaching the gardener how to look after various types of plants. Here, you can download beginner’s Gardening Guide. It is free.
Audio Book – Gardening
It is the most downloaded gardening applet. It provides you with gardening tips and other important information, recorded by experienced botanists and plant growers. Audio Book – Gardening is also free to download.
Expert Gardening Solutions
This gardening applet helps in planning and management of gardening area. Rus Lawson recommends and appreciates it possession. I also got preliminary garden planning information through Expert Gardening Solutions.
Gardening Daily
It is a very good source of gardening news and updates. It tells new stories and presents video tips on comprehensive plantation topics. I think every person interested in gardening must have it. It is worth every penny and can be downloaded by clicking on Gardening Daily.

Miscellaneous Garden Applets
I have also used many other garden applets. Every applet has its own advantages. Garden Tools, Garden and Landscaping, Indoor Gardening Tips, Plant Picks for Small Gardens and Palace Gardens are some of those which have turned my home into a paradise. All these garden apps can be downloaded by clicking on I am a real gardener. More gardening apps