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Top 10 Low-Cost or Free Garden Apps for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch

Typing on your mobile device can turn your thumbs green! Gardening apps grow abundantly. I am an enthusiastic novice-gardener; I love flowers, but rarely know what I’m doing. These gardening apps offer tips, support, and references to help me grow with my flowers!
Garden Compass Plant / Disease Identifier – FREE
Top 10 Low-Cost or Free Garden Apps for iPhone, iPad, and iPod TouchGarden Compass allows you to take a photo for botanical identification or remedy. This app helps users recognize surprise-sprouts, concerning weeds/ivies, or–in my case–wildflowers to add to the garden.

Garden Time Planner – FREE
This app is created by garden-seed celebrity company, Burpee! It has a thorough plant database with photos, and gardening how-to video resources. The local weather sync means you don’t have to switch apps!

GardenMinder – FREE
This app is great for hyper-scheduled gardeners like me. With all my other commitments, the automatic, weekly reminders for each garden help keep plants growing well.
Gardening: The Ultimate Guide – FREE
The tools are not exceptionally impressive, but the resources are phenomenal. The Ultimate Guide offers step-by-step start-up tips, the successful gardener profile, and–my favorite–rookie gardener mistakes. It’s like hindsight for garden-blunders!

The Plant Doctor – $2.99
Helpful even for indoor gardeners, this is a simple yes/no check-list to identify plant illnesses. Simply check-off symptoms, and The Plant Doctor offers remedies!
Garden Tracker – $2.99
Customize a digital garden bed, and track crop stats including time since watered, and time until harvest. This app also includes pest-identification with organic remedies–great for moms wanting to avoid unnecessary chemicals!
Vegetable Planting Calendar – FREE
This is not for expert gardeners! Novices will love it! This app covers very basic plants and gardening tips. It also includes an easy-to-follow icon system for appropriate planting seasons.
Garden Pro – $0.99
This app has sun, water, soil, and bloom information for over 7,000 plants, and the option to add your own! The best feature is perhaps the organizational options, allowing sorting by type, watering-cycle, and more.

Garden Master – $1.99
Garden Master’s customizable reminder tool integrates with your personal mobile calendar. It’s an easy-to-use system with one caution: Once synced, reminders are nearly impossible to remove.
Gardening Toolkit – $1.99
This app has many tools! The Toolkit can sync to your zip code to determine what flowers, vegetables, fruits, or herbs are most likely to thrive in your area! One of the best features is the links to relevant, online content. More articles about gardening apps