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Top 10 Free Android Gardening Apps

Top 10 Free Android Gardening Apps
It’s officially spring time and now is the time to start gardening. These 10 free Android gardening apps will help keep your green thumb motivated, inspired, and growing. 
1. Garden Design Ideas
This is my favorite gardening app because it’s full of inspirational ideas when you have a blank slate or would like to redecorate your garden. They have some really amazing pictures to look through and plan from. 
2. Gardener
This app is great for keeping track of the progress of your plants. It also has a reminder feature to help you remember when it’s time to prune and weed.
3. Gardening
Gardening is a guide app that contains valuable do-it-yourself tips and tricks.
4. Vegetable Gardening 101
This is a great book app for beginners that covers the bases that you need to know before you start your garden.
5. Garden Manager: Plant Alarm
Some days it’s hard to remember what you had for breakfast, let alone remember to water or fertilize the garden. With Garden Manager, you can set up reminders for individual plants so you don’t forget which plants need to be watered or fertilized, especially if you have a garden with a wide variety of plants with different needs.
6. Flower Garden
For anyone who does not have a green thumb – this may be the app for you. You can cultivate your own garden with the app but there are no worries about real plants withering and dying. The graphics are nice, the sound effects are realistic, and you can set your own goals to unlock a larger variety of flower seeds.
7. Sweet Garden
Sweet Garden is a silly, but cute, Japanese-styled animated app that is great for kids and adults alike.
8. Inner Garden
This app is perfect for when you are daydreaming about your ideal garden on a rainy day when you can’t do your own gardening! It’s also ad free which makes it great for children too.
9. Little Garden
A cute gardening app that was designed for children and toddlers that helps them understand the basics about gardening.
10. Garden Live Wallpaper
If you want some inspiration or to feel like spring is finally here, Garden Live Wallpaper lets you set beautiful live wallpapers on your phone. It’s only a shame that you can’t smell the flowers! You can find other articles about gardening apps