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Top 10 Favorite Gardening Apps

Top 10 Favorite Gardening Apps
With spring here, it is time to start your gardening activities. We live in apartment with a small patio and I love to make and maintain small garden on the patio using flower pots of different sizes. I love to grow herbs and small flowering plants and often use tools and guides online to help me with gardening. Here are some of top 10 apps I often go to for my gardening purposes:
1. Pocket Garden – I love to grow vegetables in my garden, and I always find Pocket Garden a necessity. With this app, I can search through hundreds of vegetables to learn about them and how to plant them successfully. This app also allows me to keep track of the date I planted and gives me information about harvesting and germination. If I think I want to plant some specific seeds, this app tells me the best way to plant and watering tips.
2. Gardening Toolkit – Gardening Toolkit has lot of benefits for the beginner gardeners. If you haven’t decided what to plant in your garden, Gardening Toolkit can help you decide. It will also tell you the best place to plant certain items in your garden to ensure they grow successfully. Gardening Toolkit provides a to-do list to keep you organized.
3. Rain Harvest – This is a great app for those gardeners who plan to harvest rain water for home irrigation system. Rain Harvest calculates how much water can fall on your roof during rains, letting you know exactly how much water you can accumulate and use for your garden.
4. Vegetable Gardening Guide – This is an essential app when I am planting vegetables in my garden- Vegetable Gardening Guide . This app provides a list of tools needed for the garden along with instructions on how to plant and care for the garden. Vegetable Gardening Guide also provides the nutritional information on the vegetables in your garden as well as recipes.
5. Landscaper’s Companion – If you want to plant trees, plants and shrubbery, Landscaper ‘ s Companion is designed for such. This app is like a reference guide where you can search through over 25,000 plants and receive information on the plants. You can also use the app to take notes on the plants as well as upload pictures of your garden.
6. Organic Gardening Magazine – This gardening app is for iPad users who can view the Rodale Inc.’s paper magazine into a digital version complete with beautiful imagery and magazine stories about such topics as how to grow prize-winning plants, flowering plants care and maintenance, and the difference between different types of bugs.
7. Garden Squared – You can lay out your vegetable plot with Garden Squared, app which allows you to select dimensions of beds from 1-by-1-foot-square to 4- by 8-feet.
8. Leafsnap – This app Leafsnap can identify plants on the fly. You can snap a plant’s photo with Google Goggles , or take a picture of a tree’s leaf against a white background and submit it for search results instantly. Alternatively you can look through a list of characteristics such as leaf shape, flower color etc. to make the flower or plant identification.
9. Garden Book – This is a digital version of Sunset Magazine’s biblically comprehensive reference, The New Western Garden Book (ninth edition) app has nearly 30 DIY videos and more than 100 slideshows. It is expensive though.
10. Mother Earth News – From Ogden Publications, this gardening app has tons of DIY and how-to information on such topics as organic foods, country living, green transportation, renewable energy, natural health, and green building practices. Need more gardening apps?