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The Top 10 Gardening Apps That Every Gardener Should Have

When you think about gardening tools a smartphone or tablet are the last things that come to mind, but in today’s app-driven world, they have become extremely useful instruments for gardeners. There are literally hundreds of gardening apps on the market that offer tips, solutions, information and ideas for the modern gardener; the following are the best 10 gardening apps available.
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1. Landscaper’s Companion
A leading plant database with over 26,000 plants from around the world, and 21,000 full color photos. Landscaper’s Companion is simple and easy to use. It has a built in organizer that allows you to create plant lists and share them with others. It is available on the iPhone, iPad, Android devices and online as a web app. Landscape’s Companion App.
2. Garden Designer
Based on the top selling desktop app, Garden Planner, Garden Designer is a simple garden-planning tool that has recently made its way to the iPad and Android devices. The unpretentious design makes it easy to design gardens by just dragging over plants, trees, paving, decking, pools, or any other objects that you may fancy. Gardening Design App.
3. Food Gardening Guide
A free app available on Apple and Android devices. The Food Gardening Guide has plenty of useful advice on growing food in your garden. Mother Earth News, a trustworthy and reliable source in the gardening world, maintains the app. This is one of the best and most concise apps about gardening that you will find. And did I mention that it was free? Mother Earth News App.
4. Garden Compass Plant
The Garden Compass App is quite unique; it connects you to a team of gardening experts and allows you to troubleshoot common gardening problems. You simply snap a photo and submit it to a team of horticultural Garden Advisors who will gladly identify it for you, as well as provide you with specific product recommendations to resolve any problems you may have. When you submit the photo you are put in a queue, and regularly updated on your inquiry. Best of all, the app and service are completely free. Garden Compass Plant App
5. iScape
With iScape you can take a picture of your garden, house, or yard and bring your gardening imagination to life. The genius technology running in the background of the app lets you create a realistic rendering of your outdoor spaces before the any work is done – and most importantly, before you spend any money. A great tool for do-it-yourself gardeners. iScape App.
6. Gardening Toolkit
This app offers a wealth of great features. It gives you advice on where to grow and how to grow your plants, a full photo database with over 1000 plants, an organizer, a veggie harvest tracker, a monthly gardening advice and a lot more. It is the all-in-one gardening app for the gardening amateurs. Gardening Toolkit App.
7. Organic Gardening Mag
An app for the popular Organic Magazine, which has been around for more than 70 years. One of the leading voices in the entire gardening world, you can always count on inspiring and informative articles on a large array of gardening topics. This is definitely one the best magazines to read for anyone who is interested in gardening. Organic Gardening Mag App
8. intoGardens
The intoGardens app aims to inform, educate and entertains gardeners of all levels. It is half magazine half interactive app, and it brings you inspirational gardens, good writing, amazing photographs, and everything else you need to know about growing. intoGarden App
9. Perennial Match
A small, yet useful app that allows you to plan your perennial garden on your favorite Apple or Android device. It works by creating combinations of perennials and immediately displaying the results. You can easily tell whether your plant choices are compatible, as well as what will work for your specific garden. Perennial Match App
10. House & Garden
Another useful and entertaining magazine app for gardeners. It is an invaluable sourcebook of new ideas ranging from design and decoration to travel, food recipes and wines. Home & Garden Magazine App