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The Best Way to Repair a Leaf Blower Pull Cord

The Best Way to Repair a Leaf Blower Pull Cord
If your leaf blower pull cord becomes damaged you might wish to replace it. Over time, the pull cord on a leaf blower might become brittle from the heat of the motor. Commonly, pull cords fray or tear causing you to replace them. If this has happened to your leaf blower, you do not need to throw it away and purchase a new one. Repairing a leaf blower pull cord does not require extensive tools or skill.
Things Needed:
Hex wrench
Replacement cord
Work gloves
Safety goggles
Step 1
Remove the hex bolts holding the plastic leaf blower housing in place with your hex wrench. You may wish to cut the cord with your scissors and loosen the bolt or screw securing the rope assembly with your hex wrench or screwdriver.
Step 2
Remove the spring assembly carefully. Do not remove the spring.
Step 3
Remove the old cord from the leaf blower pull cord assembly by gently pulling it away from the assembly with your hands. Notice the direction the pull cord is wound, as this becomes important in the next step.
Step 4
Wind the new pull cord in the same direction it was removed by you in Step 3. Make sure the inner end of the pull cord secures in the faster or slot provided on the pull cord assembly. This varies depending on the leaf blower manufacturer.
Step 5
Replace the pull cord place and pulley over the spring. This is the white plastic spool.
Step 6
Rotate the pull cord assembly two or three times in the same direction the cord pulls wearing safety goggles and work gloves. Reinsert the center screw by screwing it in place with your screwdriver; this holds the pulley assembly together.
Step 7
Insert the leaf blowers cord end into the final end of the handle opening. Secure the handle by tying a knot at the bottom of the new pull cord; this prevents the handle from being pulled off the pull cord while the leaf is started by you blower.
Step 8
Place the pull cord assembly back onto your leaf blower in its designated area and secure by refastening the four hex nuts with your hex wrench.
Step 9
Replace the housing cover of the leaf blower and refasten the hex nuts with your hex wrench. The housing was removed by you cover in Step 1.