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Spring Cleaning Outdoors: Sprucing Up Your Landscape After Winter

Spring Cleaning Outdoors: Sprucing Up Your Landscape After Winter
Does your home’s exterior look drab after being neglected all winter? Spring is the perfect time to clear the outdoor clutter in anticipation of the planting season. You instantly improve your home’s curb appeal and get to soak up all the warm spring weather. Here’s how to do it.
Turn Over a New Leaf
We raked and raked last fall, but we always seem to end up with dead leaves in our yard come spring. Removing the brown leaves makes the lawn look better and gives the grass an all-access pass to the sun and rainwater of spring. While you’re at it, pick up any sticks or branches that fell into the yard.
Clean the Beds
Now is the time to clean out your existing planting beds to prep them for the flowers or vegetables you’ll plant soon. Get rid of any leaves or leftover plant debris in the beds. Till the soil to make it workable. This is also a good time to add organic material like compost to your planting beds and any soil amendments needed to make the soil fertile.
Don’t forget your planters. If you use them for annuals, empty the soil you used last year and clean the pot. You can sanitize your flower pots with a mixture of 1 part household bleach to 9 parts of water. Soak the containers for 10 minutes or longer and rinse thoroughly.
All Hands on Deck
Your patio and deck can probably use a spring cleaning, too. Hose off the outdoor living spaces to get rid of dirt and sand that build up over winter. If you have a brick patio or walkway, check the joints to see if they need more sand. Scrub down your patio furniture so you’re ready for outdoor entertainment.
Spruce It Up
With everything outside cleaned, you can look for little improvements that will make your landscape pop. Repaint the fence. Power wash the foundation. Add shutters to your windows. Replace the railings on your deck. These little outdoor home improvement projects get your home’s exterior in shape and improve curb appeal with just a little effort and money.