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Simple Steps to Get Your Lawn Looking Great

Simple Steps to Get Your Lawn Looking Great
Having a great lawn that you can be proud doesn’t have to cost five hundred dollars a month or your entire weekend. Take a look at your lawn right now, does it need a little tender loving care? Well I’m going to tell you how you what you need to do to get your lawn looking great for summer with a minimum amount of effort. Here is a list of some important points to follow to have a great looking lawn.

One of the keys to a great lawn is having a sharp blade on your mower. Blades can get quite dull and worn down. Take the old blade off and replace it with a new sharp blade. If you go to cut your grass and your blade is not sharp, the mower will not cut the grass but pull the grass up. The changing of the mower blade is quick, easy and well worth the time in terms of lawn quality.

Cutting Direction
We all have a special way that we cut out lawn. Some people like to start out by the street while other like to start by the neighbors yard. They key point here is to always vary you cut direction. One week cut top to bottom, then the next week cut left to right. This will prevent the grass from growing in one direction and will give you lawn a fuller look.

Another key to have a great lawn is that you have to feed the lawn. Fertilizer is the key to doing this. A lawn that is feed can take the beatings from the heat, cold, drought and foot traffic. You really should fertilize your lawn four times a year. The best lawn feeding times are early spring, late spring, mid summer, and fall.

Keeping you lawn aerated will allow your lawn to have proper airflow and proper water absorption. You don’t have to buy some fancy aeration machine for your local hardware store. You can do a great job with just your basic pitchfork. The point is to get the holes deep so that water and nutrients can reach the roots.