Garden Design

Ideas for Indoor Gardens

If spring fever has your thumbs turning green and you have little to no outdoor space for gardening or just want to freshen your interior with lush greenery, indoor gardens are the way to go. Consider some edible greenery in the kitchen, a living wall in your home office or hanging greenery suspended from the ceiling. Even with limited space indoors, solutions exist for thriving miniature gardens.

Create a living wall with a vertical garden.

Ideas for Indoor Gardens

Vertical gardens have become a hot trend in home greenery. Specialized wall-mounted planters hold plants and soil in a way that makes the plants look like they are growing right out of the wall. Watering can be done by hand or you can utilize the self-watering feature many planters have built-in. All planters come in a variety of styles including pockets and trays with individual planting cells. Wall planters can be installed on a variety of materials including wood, concrete and masonry. Make sure the wall you choose has access to plenty of natural light.

Enhance recipes with fresh herbs.
It’s not hard to grow fresh herbs right in your kitchen. All you need is a small wooden planter and a sunny window to sit it by. Fill the bottom of the planter with small rocks for drainage, about an inch deep. Add two to three inches of potting soil depending on how deep the planter is. Dig a small hole for each plant and place the plant inside, filling in dirt all around it until it is covered. Small bits of optional moss make a nice finish on the soil. Water each plant carefully at the base of the plant. Herbs can also be grown in vertical wall pockets.

It’s raining landscapes!
If you like terrariums, you’ll love the idea of floating terrariums hanging from the ceiling in elegant glass bubbles. It’s also a great way to display a garden of air plants; low maintenance plants that need no soil to thrive, just regular watering each week. Add interest to the display with glass bubbles in varying sizes and shapes, hung at alternating levels.

Go green with trendy home furnishings.
The eco-friendly trend in modern furnishings shows no signs of slowing down. Built-in planters in furniture and lighting provide greenery in style. Lamp planters are actually nothing new, as they were once a common fixture in Mid-century homes of the 1950s. Ceramic TV lamps shaped like animals and various figurines provided dim light for TV viewing and came equipped with small pockets for household plants. Twenty-first century planter lamps are designed to illuminate the room while providing a light source for the plant. You can also find modern tables sprouting live plants. If your style is more vintage or eclectic, design your own planter furniture with repurposed materials. Picture an old window frame fashioned into a coffee table planter or an old claw foot bathtub filled with an assortment of flowering, leafy flora. Looking for more indoor gardening ideas?