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Gardening Like a Pro – There's an App for That

Gardening Like a Pro - There's an App for That
Gardening is great exercise and a proven form of stress relief, but not everyone is born with a green thumb. Luckily, there’s an app for that. Here are a few that should help you have the garden you have always wanted.
Home Outside Palette
Home Outside Palette allows you to create a variety of landscapes. Add and subtract shrubbery, pathways, lounge furniture, a garden and even a swing set. You can e-mail results back and forth with friends or use the new “Ask an Expert” feature. This app does not compare to computer programs for landscaping design, but neither does the cost. It should be used to get a general idea, not to hand to the landscaper. PRICE: $1.99
Garden Time Planner
Garden Time Planner, which directs you to the Burpee store often, assists beginner gardeners in figuring out when herbs and vegetables should be planted and harvested. Information is given by plant name, not by date. PRICE: Free
This app does what Garden Time Planner does not. It displays plants appropriate for the current season in your U.S.D.A. zone and the All Plants tab shows about 100 common kitchen garden plants for planning what you might like to grow in other seasons. The interface is easy, and the graphics are nice. PRICE: $1.99
iGarden USA – Gardening Helper
The iGarden USA app also gives advice on planting dates for each US climate zone. It offers advice on the best planting procedures for each type of plant in your garden. Unlike Garden Time Planner, this app allows you to track when you plant indoor seed and has integrated weather and alerts. PRICE: $4.99

Although not yet available in the United States iTunes store, PocketGarden has gotten rave reviews from our friends across the pond. Users can search through hundreds of vegetables to learn about what should be planted and how to plant it successfully. Pocket Garden allows you to keep track of the date you planted and provides current information about harvesting and germination. If you have yet to plant seeds, let Pocket Garden know what you’re planting, and it will tell you the best depth for planting and perfect spacing. PRICE: $0.99

Foolproof Plants for Small Gardens
A must have app for anyone with a small gardening space. There are approximately 100 small plants in different categories, such as groundcover, perennials, and vines. The app offers zone requirements, flower color, drought tolerance, cultivation tips and a link to an online nursery where you can buy the plant. PRICE: $2.99

Vegetable Gardening Guide
This app is great for a novice gardener; a pro will find it basic. The app provides a list of tools needed for the garden, instructions on how to plant and care for the plants, detailed illustrations, and hyperlinked information. It also offers nutritional information and recipe and canning advice. PRICE: $2.99
Garden Compass
Garden Compass rates 4.5 stars in the iTunes app store. It uses live horticulturists to review pictures and identify a plant, or a problem insect or disease. Users can expect an answer within 24 hours on what the disease is and advice and solutions. This app also comes with an Essentials store that sells gardening accents such as grills and bird feeders. PRICE: Free
This app is for the experienced gardener who would like to track all aspects of the growing season. For each plant, there are growing tips tailored to your U.S.D.A. zone and pictures of common pests. There is a notes section, a form for recording key dates like when seeds were planted, when they sprouted, when seedlings were thinned, when plants flowered and when they were harvested. PRICE: $0.99
This calculator utility helps gardeners achieve and optimal mix of Carbon : Nitrogen ratio. The user puts in the amount of items on hand and the app calculates and gives the user options of items needed to balance the mixture properly. Price: Free
With information at our green fingertips, anyone can now garden like a pro.