Garden Design

Garden Ideas That Kids Will Love

When it comes to creating the perfect family garden you have to have a space for the kids. One thing I always love to see is the kids out in the yard having a good time. One way for them to want to get out is to give them their own space and projects in the yard. So I thought it would be a good idea to list some kid friendly garden ideas, that the entire family will enjoy. Keep in mind that young children will need to be supervised in the yard. The ideas listed below are mostly for kids over the age of eight.
Climbing wall
A simple, small climbing wall is the perfect addition to any yard where there are kids. A climbing wall is easy to add to your yard, since all you need to do is order it. Then you will need to find the perfect spot in the yard for the climbing wall. If your yard is big enough then you will want to add it to the middle of the yard. The climbing wall does not have to be large like the ones you usually see, where you would need a harness. It could be a simple one that they can easily climb over to the other side.
Hopscotch Garden
A hopscotch garden is exactly what it sounds like. You can make large wooden hopscotch pads for your children to skip on. The fun part is that you can pick up the wooden blocks from your local arts and craft store, or you can pick up the wood from a local home improvement store. Once you have the wood pieces you can have your children help you paint them a variety of colors, and add the numbers. It may be a good idea to put a water resistant sealant on the wood pieces as well to protect them from the weather. Then take them out in the garden and plant them. You will literally need to dig about half an inch into the ground so that the wooden pieces will be flush with the ground. Then be sure to secure them by filling in the dirt around the wood pieces.
Wooden Tool shed
Why not take some time to build your child a wooden tool shed, just the right size for them. I’m not talking about a club house, but a place where they can keep their own gardening supplies, and any other tools they can use to be creative and build things in the yard. Of course what goes in their wooden tool shed depends on their age as well. This can also be a nice art space for your kids as well.
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