Garden Design

Dirt and Technology: An Unlikely Pair?

As a child, I spent many warm summer days sitting in my great aunts’ gardens. If I would have told them in the future they would be able to look up important garden information on a handheld device, they would have accused me of reading too many of my comic books. However, new technology has allowed this option to become a reality. Here are some of the apps that I find the most useful and informative.

1. Garden Plan Pro

The Garden Plan Pro is an iPad app that has a database for plant types. The app can help the user to identify when to plant and what to plant. The app also has calendar, crop rotation suggestions and local weather information.

2. Garden Time Planner

One of the best factors of this Burpee app is the cost; it’s free. The app will give you information on when you should plant as well as the tips on harvesting the crop.

3. FlowerPedia

If you love flowers, this is the app for you. FlowerPedia is on iTunes and is wonderful for searching for information on a specific flower in your area as well as viewing exotic flowers from around the world.

4. Mother Earth News

I will admit this is one my favorite sites. The Mother Earth News app has a library with information on a variety of topics such as organic foods and do-it-yourself projects.

5. Leafsnap

Leafsnap is numerous field guides that offer the user to identify plants and tree species which is good when you are trying to figure out if the plant that has just emerged is a weed or a crop.

6. Garden Squared

Garden Squared is great for helping you plan your garden. The app also has an area for journal entry which can help in determining what worked in your garden and what did not work.

7. A Gardeners Handbook: Vol. 1

This app is perfect when planning out your dream garden. The app has a planning section and information on how to design your entire garden.

8. Organic Gardening

Many people are turning to food items that are not being treated with chemicals. This app gives you important insight on how to make organic fertilizer and natural pesticides to help keep your garden chemical free.

9. Gardeners Calendar

The Gardeners Calendar has numerous tips on many areas of vegetable gardening. The app even will give information on moon planting dates.

10. Garden Manager: Plant Alarm

This app allows you to set different alarms such as when to water and when to fertilize your garden which is a great tool for a busy lifestyle.  Our site contains other articles about gardening apps!