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10 important guidelines to think about before choosing an apartment

Renting an apartment that meets your needs and requirements can be very time consuming and demanding. There are many things to consider when selecting an apartment, the tenant should consider. To get you started, here are some important tips that will help you in your quest for the perfect apartment complex.

1: for when you move into questions: If you are looking for immediate occupancy, first ask yourself landlord if you can tenure the apartment, also inquire whether the time it is occupied by someone else. After confirmation of check-in, you can not pay the landlord for unoccupied time to negotiate.

2: for the rent of questions: What is the amount to be paid and when? Ask for advance deposit and whether it will be refunded in full?

3: Fine for late payment inquiries, there is no penalty for late payment of rent? when it happens.

4: Renewal Conditions: Check out what are the conditions for the renewal of the lease. What are the conditions when you move out before the lease ends?

5: Are any utilities covered: Ask your landlord about the utilities are, whether they are covered in your lease or not?

6: Are you allowed to share your home: If your location with your colleagues or partners to share room, you look for any written permission to do.

7: Do you allow your animals or not, ask for permission if you have any pets. If it is not allowed, it would be possible by paying for the security deposit for pets in advance?

8: Can the small changes: It is only natural that you would like to live in your kind of environment, and to do so you need minor renovations such as painting walls and several decorations. Just to check this before you check in

9: Find out about your neighbors and surroundings: Everyone would like a decent neighborhood, if it is not there, you have to ask sometimes frequent disturbance. To avoid this you should know about neighborhood very well.

10: requests for service points: Ask landlord, How far is the market and other necessary items such as postal service, bank, restaurant and public transportation stations, etc. It will make you aware of your surroundings.

By inquiring into such things, you can avoid any dispute and the reasons for the disagreement in the future with your landlord.

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10 Great Gift Ideas for Mother's Day


Here are some great gift ideas for that special mother in your life on Mother’s Day.

10th Weekend getaway. A weekend retreat to a ski lodge could be great for the mother who needs a weekend to relax.

9th Digital camera. For the new mother, this makes a great gift. Children grow so fast, catching those fleeting moments are important. With scrap booking becoming so popular, digital cameras are also a great gift for the scrapbook enthusiast.

8th Donation. Provide for the mother who never stops, she would be honored to know that a donation to charity in their favor was her name be given. This is truly a gift that keeps on giving.

7th Buy a tree or star. Have the special mother for years to come immortalized. Have a star named after her or buy a tree in her name. With God’s love that star and tree will be around even if we are not.

6th Night Out. New mothers would surely appreciate a night out of the house with some adult conversation and atmosphere. It’s a simple request, but as a grand gesture for those moms who just want an evening like an adult. This works well with the morning and afternoon spent with the children. That’s what Mother’s Day is about in the first place.

5th Spa Day. Most mothers I know, could a spa day. Whether their children are at home or have already moved out long ago, is a spa day very good choice. Spa Days range from a whole package of all the goodies like mud baths and lunch or just a half hour massage

4th Jewelry. A great idea would be to give her a pendant with a picture of their child / ren in it or a bracelet, ring or a necklace with the birthstone / s of children or grandchildren.

Third Gift baskets. Here you will find gift baskets that contain any and everything. There are baskets that are specifically designed for Mother’s Day, but other choices are gourmet and fruit baskets, spa baskets and candle bsakets. Many places also make baskets.

Second Flowers and plants. This is the most common of Mother’s Day gifts. There is the obvious choice for this bouquet lover or for a very picky person.

First The Star Treatment. A good mother is the hardest job in the world. With this particular mother the star treatment for a day is a great gift. Start with allowing her to sleep in. As if that were not enough gift, breakfast in bed and cleaning the house is exactly what the mother ordered. Lunch and dinner preparation should be included along with bathing, feeding and dressing the children. Basically, to not allow her to left a finger. Enter to do a good book or time for them what they want. What mother would not want to rest a day?

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A Glance at Enthralling Gliders!!!

Outdoor Glider is an excellent garden or yard or patio décor. Modern glider has streamlined body and slender wings. Glider uses updrafts of air and gravity to keep flying. Before selecting a glider, enough space around the garden or patio to fit the glider must be located. Gliders are always delightful. Children enjoy gliders very much. Friendship can be enjoyed by entertaining friends through a ride in the glider at the garden. Wooden gliders made up of teak or cedar wood is very popular. Children when entering a park or garden first will see the glider spot only. Different types of glider and swing sets are available both in wooden and metal. Wooden glider and swing sets are widely used. Some of the wooden gym glider and swing set has lookout tower, monkey bars, two or three seater glider and a small front ladder or rope ladder.

Loveseat Garden Glider with white cedar wood is fit for any porch or yard or lawn. Gliders made up of Teak or Cedar wood is durable, strong and light weighed. This is also free from fungal or rust. These gliders can be placed as a nice outdoor décor and can withstand any weather. The kith and kin and friends have a nice gliding time at the patio or garden. Marvelous Deluxe Glider includes a canopy top and coated nicely with natural look. The outdoor gliders are durable and grow old for generations. Nice looking gliders are not alone enough, they should be purposeful. Normally three, four and five feet gliders are made. Investing on best quality gliders will serve for generations. The gliders must be fitted with strong beams or roof so that frequent swing can be supported very well. Caring the glider is also most important. Periodical inspection of the joints the glider and swing sets and no joints get loosen. Frequent polishing the wooden gliders and cleaning it with cotton is enough. Bleaching should not be done on glider swing set. Beautiful porch glider swing sets allows you to take a deep rest and think nice memories and of course, dreaming. Beautifully designed garden swing gliders provide cool and comfort seating. These gliders have come out with natural finish and brass hardware. Garden Gliders with good materials and craftsmanship with zinc plated hardware is highly suitable and makes a complete garden or yard. Glider sets with poly wood recycled plastic in different colors are also available. Gliders with cast aluminum rust free design, powder coated Bronze finish, stainless steel hardware and brown cushion seats looks elegant.

Gliders with footrests, rockers, swings, tables and chairs made up of different types of wood with high back, lattice back are very unique and popular. Colorful Garden gliders with canopy roof with centre table offers garden convenience and comforts. Gliders with white teak or cedar have natural resistance to water and weather. Comfortable relaxation by gently gliding back and forth and recalling childhood delight is fascinating. Cedar and Teak wood glider sets are both sustainable and resistant to weather, insects and wear.

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Air Purifiers Cleaning The Air

The 21st Century has brought us many advances. The progress industry has been through changed everything around it and the environment is suffering its effects.

The air is the means of transportation – and consequently, the means by which microorganisms get spread, more commonly that ever before. It’s pretty easy for an epidemic to get spread through the air and it’s scary, if we take into account what happened with the Ebola virus some years ago. The whole world was afraid, even countries at the other side of the globe were praying for the virus not to get to their territory.

Directly opposite to what many people think, it is not only the “outside” that offers danger to our overall health. We are not safe even inside our homes. Believe it or not, a study developed by environment researchers found that the air inside our homes is dirtier than the air we breathe when we are walking in the street.

What are we exposed to?

We are exposed to a lot of danger when we breathe. Asthmatic people suffer even more than people who don’t have any respiratory disorders. Little children, especially newborn babies, and old people are the most predisposed to suffer respiratory disorders due to the bad condition of the air we breathe.

It’s not that hundreds of years ago, the air was safe. No, it was not. Allergens have always existed. But progress has brought us industries with their high chimneys spreading smoke, a dark and heavy smoke, into the air. We have cars that also spread smoke. These simply create high levels of pollution.

Besides the pollution, we also have the allergens in the air. And the majority of these are the ones responsible for the asthma crisis today. The smoke of a cigarette, the pollen from flowers and the thousands of different smells mixed together may lead a delicate respiratory system into a serious crisis.

In addition to that, bacteria and viruses as well as other types of microorganisms are constant threats. Due to these invisible creatures, people get pneumonia and tuberculosis, diseases that may lead to death if not treated properly.

How do we protect our loved ones?

Unfortunately, there aren’t many things we can do in order to protect our family or our environment at work. We can’t prevent pollution, allergens or microorganisms from existing in the air that we breathe and we cannot stop breathing either.

The same hand that pollutes tries to clean. Industries have developed some air purifiers in order to decrease the effects of the polluted air we breathe.

Air purifiers simply try to take from the air the allergens and some of the pollution. It’s something we can do to decrease the effects on our bodies. It is certainly necessary if we have new babies at home.

Techniques used

There are several techniques available for people who want to create a safe – or less dangerous – indoor environment with respect to the air.

Some air purifiers use adsorbent techniques and electrostatic charges and ionizers. Some others include a germicidal UV light and the emission of ions into the air in order to react with the agents that may cause health problems and reduce or eliminate them. However, there isn’t an air purifier sold for homes able to create indoor conditions as clean as those found in hospitals.

We cannot control what we breathe when we are in the street, but we can do something to avoid such side effects when we are at home.

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A Moving Checklist

MOVING! The very thought of it can send chills down our spine and can cause us to break out into a cold sweat. Experts say that any kind of “change” creates “stress”. Moving, (and especially if we are relocating to a new city or state), represents a huge change and naturally brings a great amount of stress along with it. This can be a double whammy, because stress can lead to a lack of energy and motivation. Many of us tend to procrastinate during stressful periods of our lives. This is one time, though, when we must rise above that. When preparing for a move we need to put the pedal to the metal and get a lot of things done. This checklist contains many suggestions that may seem like “no-brainers”. However, the very act of printing out these simple suggestions and reminders can become a significant security blanket as the dreaded time approaches. Moving and relocating calls for being proactive, grabbing the bull by the horns and actually completing certain chores well in advance of their deadlines. Hopefully this little paper will help you to accomplish that. In this particular article we are leaving out the “big things” such as finding the best moving company, researching your new neighborhood’s transportation, parking, employment, etc. Those are for other articles on another day. Today we are concentrating on the basics of planning and preparation.

Get rid of what you don’t need.

Many of us are “pack rats”. One thing that we can accomplish immediately is going through all of our “stuff” and getting rid of what we don’t need anymore. Moving unwanted clothing and bric-a-bracs from one place of residence to another is a great waste of time and effort. It is surprising how much more in control we feel once we start narrowing down our “inventory” to what we actually need to keep. Getting rid of the unwanted items can be done by having a garage sale long before moving time and then donating the leftovers to the Salvation Army or other charitable groups.

Get all important papers and documents together and secure them.

Since moving is hectic, to say the least, we need to be aware of the exact location of all of our important items. Things that we absolutely must not lose or misplace should certainly be hand carried, not put in a box for the movers:

Address Books, Birth Certificates, Bank Statements, Checks, Credit Cards and Statements, Home Movies, Irreplaceable Memorabilia, Insurance Policies, Marriage Records, Medical and Dental Records, Military Records, Passports, Photos and Photo Albums, Resumes, School Records, Stock Certificates, Tax Returns, Telephone Numbers, Valuables, Vehicle Documents, Wills.

Prepare well in advance for living at your new location.

There are many things that we can do at our new location well in advance of our move that will help smooth out the bumps and grinds of our relocation process when the actual event occurs: Open up new bank accounts. Open up a new Safe Deposit Box. Contact the new area utility companies and arrange for your new services. These can include Cable TV, gas, electric, oil, telephone, water and Internet access. Arrange for new medical providers. If you are moving to a new state, contact the DMV and get forms necessary to re-register your vehicles. Contact your insurance companies and find out if your car insurance, homeowner’s insurance, etc. can be transferred. If not, find an Insurance Broker in your new area and discuss your needs and requirements for new policies. Go to the post office and get a moving kit. Prepare change of address forms for all of your correspondents; credit card companies, other credit accounts, banks, insurance companies, current utility companies for final statements, magazines and other subscriptions, family, friends, and any other persons or businesses that you correspond with on a regular basis.

As the time approaches, get a nice new legal pad.

As moving day approaches and when the moving process actually begins, you don’t want to be hunting for phone numbers in wallets, purses, or address books. Have a nice new legal pad ready with all important phone numbers written clearly and legibly for both your old and new contacts: Banks, Doctors, Emergency contacts, Family members, Friends, Landlords or Real Estate Brokers, Movers, Pharmacies Schools, Storage Facilities, Utilities.

With proper planning and preparation the moving process, though never fun, can at least be sane. With proper planning and preparation the utilities at your present address can be disconnected the day after you move and the utilities at your new address can be connected the day prior to your arrival. With proper planning and preparation you will not be frantically searching for a new doctor or pharmacy, if that unfortunate need arises. With proper planning and preparation you will have all of your important documents at the tip of your fingers at all times. With proper planning and preparation your mail will start arriving the day after you move in to your new abode and your life will endure a minimum of chaos and clutter.

Good luck with your move and good luck in your new home or apartment.

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A Shelter for your Favorite Pet

Everyone would like to have a home where they can feel free and enjoy their life, dog’s aren’t an exception for this. Dogs always would want to have a home for themselves. The dog house has to be well within your credit limit and they can’t be overestimated. Here we will discuss about safe, secure and affordable dog houses. Though these dog houses can be made by ourselves, we would not be able to get a cozy and best place for our dogs. A ready-made one is always a better choice and your dog won’t be deprived of his/her rights.

The house must give the dog the best outdoor protection. It is always better to buy hand built dog houses and preferentially choose Cedar Furniture for your dog house. The cedar furniture gives the best feel for your dog. This can be the greatest accommodation for pet. Always go for genuine cedar wood because duplicated ones may have some defects that would ruin your investments and wouldn’t last long. So you might be in a position to replace it soon .Cedar wood is strong and sturdy and would last for years.

Red Cedar is also cheap when compared to teak and other woods’ that are used to make furniture items.. Always go for perfection since it may save any unwanted expense. The insulated dog houses are always a better choice, they keep the dog cool in summer and warm in winter. These houses have an in-built air-conditioning cum heater system which detects the climatic changes and works accordingly. The next thing to check out is weather and termite resistance. If you opt for cedar wood, they provide excellent weather resistance and can be used without any problem for ages. They also withstand seasonal changes and can be easily furnished to suite your needs. They are also immune to termite and insect attacks and provide a congenial environment for your dogs.

When it comes to the doors go for Poly Vinyl Chloride doors since they are resistant towards ultra violet rays too. This could save your dog from skin diseases and you could provide a healthy neighborhood for your dog. Always check if the dog house has a lifted floor coz lifted floors ensure a dry surface and your dog’s health wouldn’t be affected. Moreover you can save your dog from insects and flies in the garden .Insect bites are the worst infections and treating insect bites is not an easy job. Health always comes first. It doesn’t matter in spending some money to provide better, clean and a safe environment. Better ventilation and lighting also add color to the house, these houses don’t call for exquisite maintenance and you can paint them to make them look beautiful. They are also several vendors who would provide annual maintenance services to your dog house. So a single time investment would suffice. You can also your imagination and add colors to the house .A name plate carrying your doggies name can also be carved on the dog house. This is the best natural environment which you can provide for your cute dog.

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Adorable Aluminum Patios

Aluminum is widely used and is very popular outdoor patio furniture. Cast Aluminum is very flexible and can be made in to any shape viz., animals, insects and other designs. Value addition can be done on patio furniture by using marble, glass or granites. Aluminum patio furniture can also be painted with different colors.

Aluminum patio outdoor furniture is durable as well as beautiful. The cast aluminum material can withstand any season and is not affected by weather changes. It can even withstand heavy winds. Quality aluminum will not get rust as powder coating on cast aluminum prevents the aluminum patio furniture from rust. Maintaining aluminum patio furniture is not expensive and cleaning of the furniture with detergent and water yearly twice is enough. Scrubber or other thick clearing material should not be used as it will create scratches on the aluminum patio furniture. Aluminum patio furniture is the best choice for its finest material and durability. It is also the most practical choices. Aluminum patio furniture is also versatile. Aluminum patio furniture is not that much expensive but is also elegant.

Aluminum patio chairs and tables are of lightweight and portable. Aluminum patio furniture can withstand rough-handing and dents. The current aluminum patio furniture are guaranteed not to bend or crack. Folding models are also available. As quality aluminum patio furniture contains heavy gauge aluminum and smooth finish. It will not buckle under pressure. New techniques are introduced in patio aluminum furniture

Comfort goes along with aluminum patio furniture and seats are made for comforts. Definitely, aluminum patio furniture is a great investment for all. It will please all eyes. Aluminum makes patio unique Aluminum patio furniture gives piece of mind and good relax after a stressful work. It will also be useful to entertain others, eat out etc.

Old iron patio furniture can be cast away with new technology cash aluminum patio furniture. Cash Aluminum Patio furniture includes dining set, cross weave bar set, bistro set adds sophistication to patio furniture. Tubular aluminum patio furniture is now most popularly used due to its characteristic of light weight portable. Tubular is also elegant and durable.

Cast Aluminum Patio furniture is also made up of upper grade aluminum ingots which contains pure aluminum alloys. Of course, this becomes an ultimate category of aluminum patio furniture. Aluminum Patio Furniture is cheaper compared to wooden patio as crafting of wooden furniture is most expensive. Aluminum Patio Furniture can be decorated with beautiful and colorful upholstery.

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A Pre-Vacation Checklist: Get Your House In Order

Whether you are leaving on a long-awaited vacation, an extended business trip or a weekend getaway, preparing to head out of town can often be both time-consuming and stressful. The last thing you want to do is add to the to-do list. However, taking care of household responsibilities before you leave can make your return home much more relaxing and alleviate stress while on the road. This way, you won’t feel a wave of panic-on the beach or in the boardroom-when you remember that you forgot to feed the dog or pay an important bill.

Here are four tasks you should take care of before leaving home and some time-saving ways to check them off your list.

Make home look like you’ve never left. Whether you’re 100 or 1,000 miles away, your house should appear inhabited as a safety precaution. To do this, purchase low-cost timers that can be programmed to turn on and off radios, televisions and lights. Piles of newspapers next to the front door can be a clear indication that no one is home. Avoid this by holding subscriptions and mail with the postal service (downloadable forms are available online at or opt to receive bills electronically through bill payment services to permanently reduce clutter.

Take care of business. To avoid missed payments for utilities and other important bills, set up automatic bill pay before you leave. Using a Visa card is an easy, convenient and secure way to pay household bills such as utilities, cable TV and insurance when you’re traveling. This time-saving tool can benefit everyone, especially frequent business travelers who are often away from home. Choose a one-time payment or automatic payments to ensure that your bills are paid on time every month no matter where you are. More information is available online at

Prepare your pets and plants. If your four-legged friend isn’t leaving town with you, hiring a pet sitter or making reservations at a kennel will help your pet receive the proper care. To prevent returning home to overgrown landscaping and dead house plants, make arrangements to have your yard cared for in your absence. For short trips, set a timer for your sprinklers and consider placing house plants in shaded outdoor areas near a sprinkler. Or ask a reliable neighbor to feed your pets and water your house plants.

Give yourself a break on energy costs. Before leaving, turn off your water and gas and unplug common appliances such as microwaves and televisions. This will both reduce unnecessary usage and prevent damage caused by energy surges. Consider setting your thermostat 10 degrees lower than the outside temperature or simply turn it off. If you’ll be away for an extended period of time, turn off your pilot light for maximum savings.

From putting lights on timers to setting up automatic bill pay, following these tips can minimize pretravel stress and help make your return home sweet.

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Antique Oriental Rugs

These are the largest antique Oriental rug dealers, importers, providers, online galleries and companies available in the United States.

Krikor Markarian antique rug and carpet gallery ( Located in New York City, Krikor Markarian specializes in collectible antique tribal rugs and other woven artefacts from the main Near Eastern and Asian weaving areas. It features 19th century Caucasian rugs, 19th century Persian tribal and village rugs, antique Central Asian weavings and antique Anatolian rugs.

Nalbandian Inc. ( is a floor covering company that includes antique Oriental rugs, tapestries and textiles in its collection since 1826. The business started in Ceasaria, (kaisery) Turkey, extending to Erevan, Tehran, Beirut, Paris, Monte Carlo, Aix En Provence, Marseille, Zurich, Boston and Los Angeles. Services also include Restoration and Conservation.

Oriental Rug Mart ( An Oriental rug company which has been buying, selling, cleaning and repairing Oriental rugs in central Illinois since 1919, in the name of James Demanes & Sons. Their rug emporium is located in the Demanes Galleries building in Peoria, Illinois. Services include Hand wash, repair, restoration, and appraisal.

Pasargad ( Pasargad is an importer of hand-woven oriental rugs, featuring an extensive line of hand-woven Chinese, Persian-design, and Indian masterpieces in vegetable-dyed wool. It is a family owned business established in 1904, well-known for its in-house restoration and cleaning facilities, with showrooms in New York and Washington D.C. is an online shopping gallery of an Oriental rug business started by Robert T. Mosby since 1969, who deals strictly in handmade, antique oriental rugs and not in mass produced program rugs. The website has a link to Ebay, where a selection of antique rugs is showcased, changing on a weekly basis. The business is located in Sarasota, Florida.

Abraham Moheban & Son Inc. ( The Company offers trade, designers and retail clients a choice of antique Persian, Indian, Turkish and European rugs and carpets. Located in New York City, it has an extensive collection of 18th to early 20th century pieces. Services include hand washing, conservation, restoration and insurance valuation.

A.E. Runge Oriental Rugs ( Located in Yarmouth, Maine, Runge Rugs was started in the 1880s by Edward Runge. Its large inventory of handmade Orientals has been purchased almost entirely from estates and private individuals in New England and Europe dated between date between 1900 and the 1930s. All the products in the store is claimed to be authentic oriental rugs.

Antique Rug Gallery, Inc. ( This is an online gallery only, which operates in Massachusetts. The Antique Rug Gallery Inc. offers exclusively antique oriental carpets and tribal rugs, and accepts dealers as well as retail customers at wholesale prices. Services include written appraisals, wash and repair.

Antique Textile Gallery ( The Company, buyer and seller of antique oriental carpets, Turkmen trappings, tribal rugs, decorative textiles and Kashmir shawls, was founded in Paris 25 years ago and moved to Manhattan’s Upper West Side in 1986. The gallery is also a consultant and appraiser of antique, ancient and decorative textiles. Business is conducted by appointment only.

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A Rundown On The Birth Control Methods

With the population boom in recent years, many countries have pushed for the use of birth control to help curb the increase in population. There are many types of birth control methods that families can use, depending on what the couple are most comfortable with.

Hormonal Methods

One of the methods of controlling birth that is available in the market is the hormonal method, which targets hormones and their effects on the body’s fertility. Some of the most common hormonal methods are the use of birth control pills and birth control shots, skin patches and the vaginal ring. This method actually works quite as it prevents the production of eggs. As a big bonus, these methods can also help relieve pain and cramps during monthly periods and can relieve heavy flows.

There are also Intrauterine devices (IUDs) that contain hormones called Minera. IUDs, however, are more expensive as they can last for years, sometimes lasting for more than 5 years. IUDs , although expensive, is highly recommended as these have 99 percent success rates. And because you only have to pay once over a period of five to 10 years, the total cost of birth control is actually much cheaper compared to other forms of birth controls. Another thing that adds to its appeal is that IUDs do not interrupt foreplay during sexual intercourse or foreplay and they do not require the cooperation of the sexual partner. It has also been found that IUDs can also be used while breastfeeding.

One disadvantage though of hormonal method besides the cost is you have to take the pills or the medications religiously. One relapse can mean ineffectiveness of the birth control method. They are also not ample protection against sexually-transmitted diseases unlike condoms and other barrier method instruments. Another disadvantage is that it can react differently when taken in with other medications. This is why people should first consult the gynecologists for medications that may affect its effectiveness.

Barrier Method

Barrier methods, on the other hand, are generally less effective than the hormonal methods although they seem to be the most widely-used especially among the younger set. Among the devices that belong to these group of birth control instruments are condoms, diaphragms, cervical caps, and sponges. There are also Lea’s shield and spermicides, which when used with any of the barrier devices can help increase the effectiveness by killing the sperms. Still, one advantage of barrier method is that it protects both individuals from sexually-transmitted diseases. In fact, some people use condoms not to prevent pregnancy but to prevent the spread of diseases.

Calendar method
Natural birth control methods can also be done through the calendar method. This can be tough work though for the couple. The woman must first determine the fertile periods of the month. The couple must then avoid having sex on the days that the woman is most fertile to avoid conceiving. This however is not reliable and must be calculated to the letter before it can be effective. The calendar method is actually the only method supported by the Catholic Church, which takes a pro-life stand.

Sterilization surgery
Permanent birth control methods such as vasectomy and tubal litigation surgery are also options for the couple but they must remember that they can no longer have children when they have these procedures performed on them. These methods are actually for couples who are old or those who already have children and feel that they should not have anymore.