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Best Gardening Apps for Android Devices

Gardening information has gone mobile and you can be only a few finger taps away on an Android device from having a green thumb. These free and handy apps will give you an advantage in creating perfect flower, herb, or food gardens.

Garden Manager: Plant Alarm
Garden Manager: Plant Alarm is a cute and essential app that helps you keep track of your plants’ watering, spraying, and fertilizing times by allowing you to set an alarm on your mobile device. The app also allows you to watch your plants’ growth progress through “selfie” uploaded photos and via notes of your planting experiences you can share through social media. The free app comes with advertisements but the paid version disables ads.

Landscape Calculator
The Harvest Power of We nonprofit has a free Landscape Calculator that helps you regulate how much soil, mulch, or stone you need for a gardening project. Enter the depth on the handy slider rule, add in the area of your garden, and the app calculates guidelines on how much fertilizer and other nutrients you need to nourish the soil. The app also shows fill conversions of soil into indoor plant containers, as well as displaying tips on how to apply compost to your garden. It is a useful app from an organization dedicated to the better management of soil and organic waste.

The Beginner’s Gardening Guide
The Beginners Gardening Guide is a helpful and free app that has information native to the app and links to such content as videos, a useful companion website, local news, and local calendar events. The app is well-organized and the text is not confusing for the novice gardener when unfamiliar terms are clearly explained. This is a must-have app for both new and seasoned gardeners.

Experts Gardening Solutions

Expert Gardening Solutions, by the same author of the Beginners Gardening Guide, is a free app for those who have more experience in gardening. The app is focused on garden design ideas, practical budgeting, and organic gardening. This app offers the same features as the novice version with video links, website, local calendar events, and news resources. The app, like the beginner version, is not ad-free, but it’s a minimal distraction that does not detract from the wealth of useful information.
Vegetable Gardening 101 is a useful book app that gives you information ranging from how to deal with insects to keeping your garden rid of pests like rabbits. The book has margin ads but this is a small distraction from the wealth of knowledge in the free app.