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Asparagus, a Spring Favorite

Asparagus, a Spring Favorite
Spring is here and with it rushes in the excitement of preparing new meals with the influx of freshly harvested vegatables. A favorite amongst these new veggies being asparagus. Elegant, delicious and full of nutrition, asparagus is ready to return to the dining table and dazzle friends and family.
One of the great qualities of asparagus is the many ways to prepare it. Asparagus can be grilled, steamed, roasted, blanched, cooked on the stove top, and even microwaved. With asparagus in season, recipes are readily available in many cookbooks and on most cooking website lists. As a low calorie vegatable, asparagus makes a great addittion to any spring plate. 
Combined with a pasta it becomes part of the main entree and adds wonderful color to the dish. Bacon included with asparagus will have even the pickiest of eaters devouring every last bite. Asparagus added to a salad makes for a refreshing lunch. Asparagus is here and now is the time to take advantage of this spring favorite.
Selection and Storage of Asparagu
Dark green and purple tips are essential to selecting great asparagus. The spears should be firm to the touch while being straight and not bent. The tips will also be closed tightly. The rest of the asparagus will be a bright green color. Any blemished or wilted asparagus should be avoided. When held in two hands the asparagus should easily be snapped in two when bent, seperating the spear from the stalk.
To store once back home, the ends can be trimmed and placed in a cup with just a little water in the bottom. Plastic can be wrapped over the top before placing the cup in the refridgerator. This method will help the asparagus keep for up to a couple of days. Next article is How to Plant and Grow Eggplant