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Aga Cookers Are The Heart of every Family Home

Over the past 70 years the aga cooker has been haled as the symbol of uk cookware. It is with out a doubt the reigning champion through out the uk and even over the water in the states it is growning with immense popularity.

The aga was invented by a physicist, what makes the Aga is unique because it cooks with brilliant heat, keeping in all the aromas flavours and juices from the oven. You will find it common in most houses that have an aga cooker that people tend to congregate in that general vicinity.

The nobel physicist that created the aga was awarded the nobel prize for making lighthouse automated his name was Nils Gustaf Dalen and the aga was his baby. One of the pivotal turning points for creating the aga was an accident at an industrial plant which subsequently blinded Dalen, the genius then spent a great deal of time at home and camr to the conclusion that the cooker his wife used just didnt cut the mustard and he deemed it inefficient. After 10 years of tremendous efforts at improving the cooker, the aga was born, the first model was then patented in 1922. It was named after Dalen’s firm Akteibolaget Gas Accumulator, the Aga then made its way over to the uk sometime around 1930.

The aga cooker is powered by a single burner, most Agas run on either propane or natural gas. Although a few newer models have electric ovens as well, a good feature to an aga cooker is that you never have to turn them off thus there is no need to preheat the oven for when you are cooking. When entertaining, it is easy to cook many courses at the same time.

The premium aga cooker has to be the four oven aga, it has 4 separate ovens for baking, roasting, simmering and warming. These four ovens all keep a different temperature for their distinct tasks. Other good features that come with a four oven aga are a hotplate, a warming plate and an optional gas cook-top. The aga is made out of solid cast iron and coated with a fibre glass like resin, the aga cooker is available in 14 separate colours ranging from the conservative black or white to the exciting claret or aubergine and the aga has a very impressive life of 100 years!