Garden Design

A Little Greenery

Recently, with Spring finally here, I have attained two plants. Living in a cramped apartment with three other people you would think having some greenery would be kind of hard to keep up with. Oh contraire. In fact, adding some greenery to your urban abode is good for you. Plants are alive; they need care and support just like every other living thing on planet Earth. They take in our carbon monoxide and provide clean, pure oxygen for us to breathe. How cool is that?

Finding the right plant for a small space is relatively easy. My first plant of the season came from Hinterland Trading as a part of a terrarium kit. It’s a darling little air plant that only requires a few squirts of water a week or an hour soak in a bowl once a week. Air plants are small and easy to take care of and it will eventually sprout a pretty, purple flower. It’s just a bonus that it looks like the top of a pineapple.

The avocado plant I was given is still in its toddler phase. It has produced its roots and sprouted a stem but it still needs a little TLC. To grow an avocado plant you poke the sides of the seed with toothpicks and elevate it while it sets halfway in water. It will sprout roots and a stem so it’s able to go into a pot of soil. Now, understand, avocados come from trees. So, it will need to be transplanted into the ground eventually. The cool thing about this plant is that one day you can pick a nice tasty avocado from a branch and say, “I grew you and now I shall taste the fruits of my labor.”

There are other great plants for small spaces but each plant requires different care methods. Do research and find the right plant for you. Spruce up your dorm room or tiny apartment with some greenery. A little fresh air in an enclosed space never hurt anyone.

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