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A Guide to Using Gardening Apps

A Guide to Using Gardening Apps
Every spring is a new chance to grow a garden. Technology has been created to help you plan the best garden you can dream. Your best resource can be a garden app for your phone or tablet.
If you are using an app from the Apple Store you must download iTunes first. Most apps can be downloaded from iTunes App store or Google Play. Gardening apps give you the opportunity to tap into your digital green thumb. Have fun with gardening. Throw a summer party to show off your garden. This article is written as a guide for using garden apps to grow a garden.

Tips on Using Gardening Apps

Gardening How-To app by North America Media Group has 575,000 members and is the largest magazine in the nation. They provide content for the avid home gardeners.
The Dirt on Organic Gardening app by JinLi Wang provides information that is presented in an easy to understand way. This app provides straight forward easy to use information. The pictures make it easy to follow the instructions.
Sprout It app by Vaxa Design Group helps you set up a plan and then gives you customized guidance. They provide easy to read information about the plants you are growing, growing instructions, pest information, disease information, ideas for cooking and preserving your plants.
Mother Earth News app by Ogden Publications Incorporated offers a free gardening guide for teaching you how to plant, when to plant, how to prevent pests and diseases, which types and varieties to try and how you can save seeds from the crop. There are two departments in the Mother Earth News magazine that the Food Gardening Guide provides expert advice on and they are Crop-at-a-Glance and Garden Know-How.
Fine Gardening Magazine app by Taunton Interactive offers slide shows, plans, new gardening varieties, seasonal reports. You also get a free issue of the magazine with the app.

The Essential Garden Guide app cost $0.99. This app teaches you about planting, plant spacing, soil preparation, watering and garden care. You can also find information about pest and disease identification and how to control the problem.

Gardening ToolKit app by Applied Objects cost $1.99 for iPhone and $3.99 for iPad. This app has an encyclopedia with photos of more than a 1000 plants which include herbs, flowers, fruits and vegetables. This app also gives you a to-do list and reminders of when your plants should be blooming and ready for harvest.
My Garden Magazine app by Magzter Incorporated provides instructions on plants and flowers. They have a lot of good articles. They also provide information on dealing with pests and weeds.
Eden Garden Designer app by Herbaceous Software Incorporated cost $1.99. There is an auto-shopping list that is handy. This app does not give tips on care and upkeep. It is basically to give you design ideas. They do provide regular updates.
Vegetable Gardening Guide app by Rampart Software Development teaches you how to grow a vegetable garden. They give you planting care advice, help with harvesting problems, provide reading material about nutritional value of the vegetables, how to prepare the vegetables, how to preserve the vegetables and recipes.
Produce Converter app by Primolicious LLC cost $0.99. This app will help you with produce conversions. There are over 100 breakdowns for 55 different fruits and vegetables. They also support custom conversions. You can add your own notes.

The Plant Doctor app by Adelante Consulting Incorporated collects information about the problem(s) you may be having like diseases in your garden, landscape, nursery or farm and sends it to a professional to get you a diagnosis.
Garden Compass Plant/Disease Identifier app by TeamSOA Incorporated allows you take a photo and submit it to a garden advisor. They will identify the plant with the problem, pest or disease. You will get a response with some possible ideas as to what the problem may be.
Growers Edge app by iNet Solutions Group is a free online source for farmers. They will send information to help you find more profits. They will help farmers set a goal and track their profits. Those who use Growers Edge will earn 10 to 30 cents more per bushel.