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5 Things You Should Never Do when Growing a Garden

5 Things You Should Never Do when Growing a Garden
Have you ever done any of these mistakes when planting a garden? It doesn’t take much to grow a plant, just a little know how. Here are some things you should never do if you want to have a beautiful garden:

Don’t plant in the shade
If you plant your garden in the shade, you will get a lot of green leafs but no fruit. They need sunlight to produce flowers and fruit. If the humidity is high while plants are in the shade, the roots and seeds can also mold and therefore never grow.
Don’t plant in unprepared soil
Always prepare the soil before planting. Add compost, potting soil and till the ground if needed. Another option you have is to plant in a raised box where you can use all new soil, which already has all the nutrients added in for a healthier garden.

Don’t water the plants in the heat of the day
By doing so, you will hurt the roots and leaves and possibly kill your plant. Water them at dawn and dusk so that the soil has time to absorb the water before the heat of the day. Always check the soil to see if it needs more water before watering.
Don’t use too much fertilizer
Another way you can kill the plants is by using too much fertilizer. You can burn the roots and leaves and they will wilt. If you use fertilizer, make sure you read all the instructions on the labels and know how to apply it.

Don’t forget to water
Sun and water are very important for the health of the plant. Don’t water too much but don’t forget to water them either. If you go on vacation have someone take care of your garden for you. Your plants need your help to grow but soon you will reap the rewards.
Learn from your mistakes and move on. You are capable of growing a garden, but need patience, consistency and will power.