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10 Useful Apps for iPad and Android That Gardening Enthusiasts Will Love

We live in a world of technological marvels. Long gone are the days when you would have to write notes about your garden in a notebook. I’ve found 10 great apps that will help with every phase of your garden this year, from planning your plot to harvesting your veggies.
Grow Planner ($9.99, iPad) – This app allows you to plan your garden plot with digital graph paper. It allows you to calculate how much of a crop you can grow in the area that you’ve specified.
Rain Harvest (free, iPad) – For the green gardener who’s interested in collecting rain in barrels, this app is invaluable. The user inputs the number of collection points, surface area of the roof, and the amount of rainfall. The app will then calculate how much rain that will be collected.
Garden Squared (free, Android) – This is another garden planning app that uses a simple graphical interface to allow users to plot gardens in various sizes and record journal entries to keep track of what worked and didn’t work with their layouts from year to year.
Landscaper Companion ($4.99, iPad) – This reference app has information on 26,000 North American plants. You can search the database based on criteria such as USDA zone, growth rate, and deer resistance among several others.
Moon Gardening ($1.99, iPad) – This app is for people who want to plant according to the cycles of the moon. This is a technique that has existed for centuries under the belief, that in the same way that lunar cycles affect the tides, it pulls on the smaller bodies of water that run through your plants.
Garden Compass Plant/Disease Identifier (free, iPad) – If you need to identify a plant or figure out what the disease is that’s plaguing your garden, this is the app for you.
Gardening Toolkit ($1.99, iPad) – This app does a little of everything from keeping track of what’s growing in your garden to providing an identification guide to over 1000 plants.
Companion Planting ($.99, iPad) – This inexpensive app isn’t the slickest one on this list, but if you are looking for suggestions on which plants thrive together, this app provides a handy guide.
Vegetable Garden Calculator (free, iPad) – If you need to figure out how much of a crop you need to plant to feed your family, this app is a must have.
Garden Planting Calculator ($2.99, Android) – This app lets you know exactly what you can plant at a given time of the year. There are other Gardening Apps behind this link