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10 Problems You Can Solve With Gardening Apps Today

Touted as a fun-filled pastime that leaves you envisioning yourself with a set of pruning shears, a floppy sunhat and a watering can, there is nevertheless a lot more to successful gardening. When the pests come along, the white mold covers the leafs and slugs have all but decimated your seedlings, there is an app for that. Ten gardening apps can solve the most common gardening problems. What are our favorite apps?

1. Garden Compass Plant/Disease Identifier for the Brown Thumb
Free of charge, this gardening app is suitable for the iPhone and iPad. If the recurring brown dustings on the underside of your plant leaf are a mystery to you and the staff at the big box home improvement store where you bought the plants, this app lets you upload a photo of the diseased leaf. Gardening experts review and identify your pest. They even tell you what to use to get rid of it.

2. Garden Time Planner for the Newcomer to Gardening
Designed by Burpee and available as a free download for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch, you now have the opportunity to have a task list customized for your garden region. Remember when to sow your seeds or transplant your seedlings.

3. Gardening Toolkit Turns Forgetful Beginners into Green Thumbs
At the modest cost of $1.99, you can turn your prior gardening disasters into successes. This gardening app allows your iPhone to teach you about hardiness zones, lets you set fertilizer reminders and helps you manage optimal planting times and locations for your favorite crops.

4. Grow Planner from Mother Earth News Converts an iPad into a Graph Planner
At a cost of $9.99, this is one of the more expensive iPad apps you might consider downloading. Even so, it is well worth the expense when you are thinking of redoing your garden’s layout. Not only can you transform your iPad into graph paper and plot out your flowerbeds, but you also have the opportunity to let the app automatically provide you with plant spacing data and planting schedules.

5. iGarden USA lets you Time Planting and Harvesting Schedules
Compatible with the iPod touch, iPhone and iPad, this app costs $4.99. Although costly, it serves as a comprehensive scheduler for planting and harvesting times. Personalization allows you to enter your planting data and estimate harvesting dates.

6. Landscaper’s Companion Transforms the Hobbyist into an Expert
Available for the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, this reference app costs $4.99. Priced a bit higher than conventional gardening applications, it is well worth the money when you want to focus on expanding and honing your skills with certain plant groups. Specialize in the growth of herbs, roses, fruit trees and other flora. The app tells you about the ideal growing environment and some plant backgrounds as well.

7. The Plant Doctor Provides Interactive Diagnosis for Plant Diseases
A great free resource, the app is available in English and Spanish for your iPad, iPhone and iPod touch. Suitable for the professional as well as the hobbyist, you supply the photographs and the detailed description, and a professional plant pathologist gives you feedback. If you only download one gardening app this year, make it this one!
If you have not yet invested in an iPhone or iPad, do not fret. There are also Android applications available.

8. Bugs in the Garden Offers a Quick-ID Database for Common Pests
Are you wondering what is crawling around on your tomato plant or chewing away at your artichokes? This gardening app from the Google Play Store costs $0.99 and lets you identify beetles, aphids and other pests in adult and larval stages.

9. Gardening 101 is a Mix of Education and Entertainment
For the hobbyist who is not above the idea of playing flower puzzles, watching videos and learning about gardening with herbs, this free app is the right download.

10. Vegetable Gardening 101 is for the Beginner in Need of Perspective
Does the whole idea of growing a vegetable garden leave you hyperventilating in panic? There is no need for dread! This app is a succinct reference guide that walks you through the process of seeding, transplanting, caring for and finally harvesting your vegetables. Available for free, this is a great way of getting the bigger picture before plunging into the hobby.