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10 Essential (and Totally FREE!) Gardening Apps for Android, Apple and Chrome Devices

Do you have a garden? Do you have a computer? How about a smartphone? If you can answer yes to the first question and yes to at least one of the next two questions, then you should already know that technology and gardening are just as inextricably intertwined these days as food and technology, dating and technology and even car repair and technology. Get ready to learn what you favorite gardening apps for phones and computers are about to be.
Garden Buddy for Google ChromeBook
This gardening app is perfect for anyone who ever wondered if your soil and climate region is suitable for growing a really cool plant. The Garden Buddy will analyze information like average temperature and rainfall to determine if your planting zone really is a place where you could have success growing Swiss chard. As if that weren’t enough, Garden Buddy adds a little bonus: it will offer up some affordable options for purchasing seeds.
A Gardener’s Handbook for Android
New to gardening and you want some really useful advice on, well, so many things! This gardening app features some quality photos to go along with elegantly written prose formatted perfectly for reading on your Android smartphone. Right there in your hand is the wealth of information contained in A Gardener’s Handbook that ranges from how to organically rid your garden of pests to how to make a little money selling your vegetables to how to transform your simple garden into a landscaping dream.
Garden Compass Plant/Disease Identifier for iPad and iPhone
Ever wonder what a particular plant is on those occasions when you don’t happen to be holding onto your great big book of plant identification? Point the iPhone’s camera at any plant, snap a picture of it and it gets sent to the horticultural experts behind the Garden Compass app. Not only will every plant be identified, but if the plant in question is yours and suffering from mysterious disease, you will be informed in a timely manner on what steps to take to make it healthy again.
SFG Planner for Google Chromebook
The value of some gardening apps are not immediately apparent by their name. If you have no idea what SFG stands for, you might well not see the value of this app for Google Chromebook. Square footage gardening is all about maximizing the limited square footage you have at your disposal. If you are under a deadline not for time, but space, then here’s a very easy to use, but quite useful gardening app.

Garden Insects Guide for Android
Anyone who has ever more than two days of gardening knows that insects (or pests, if you prefer) are the name of the game. Ah, but if you do prefer pests to insects, then you absolutely need the Garden Insects Guide apps. Because you will learn not only how to organically deal with pests, but how to attract insects that can actually be beneficial to your garden.
Food Gardening Guide for Android
Mother Earth News, who is behind the above gardening app, also puts their extensive knowledge muscle into the Food Gardening Guide. A true guide to gardening for food, you simply should not try growing vegetables and fruit or anything else you plan to eat without this gardening app that is a true favorite for many.
Garden Manager: Plant Alarm
Not all of anyone’s favorite gardening apps are going to become everybody’s favorite gardening app. Unless the app is so essential to gardening that there’s no way anyone could possibly find fault with it. Garden Manage: Plant Alarm is a fantastically useful app because it can remind you when your plants need watering, fertilizing, pest control and any of a number of other necessities for which you can set an alarm.
Grow Organic Herbs for Android
Herb gardening is not quite the same thing as raising orchids in a greenhouse or roses on a bush. Gardening apps with advice for growing herbs abound, but you’d better be careful because a lot of them don’t seem to have been designed by someone who has the slightest clue what they are talking about. Those gardening apps are hard to avoid trying out, but once you download Grow Organic Herbs to your Android device you will never have to worry about wasting time again. Great advice on everything you need to know about growing herbs from composting to harvesting to exactly how to use them for the greatest advantage in the kitchen.
Hydro Nerds for Android
Aside from having the single greatest name of any gardening apps known to man, this one deserves to become a favorite for anybody who is the least bit serious about plants. It may sound like an app that is a gardening game, but it is, in fact, only for those most serious-minded of gardeners who want access to expert advice on hydroponic gardening. And if you don’t know what hydroponic gardening is, this is also a useful app for expanding your body of knowledge.

The Secrets for a Lush Garden for Android
Yeah, okay, it’s a book. Which may not seem like much of a gardening app in a world overrun with more interactive and technosexier gardening apps. But what you really want from a gardening app is useful information that you can hold in the palm of your hand while out in the garden, and at the store picking out new plants. You know what I mean. The Secrets for a Lush Garden contains almost everything you really need to know to transform your plain old garden into a beautifully landscaped showpiece.