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10 Android Apps for the Garden

Apps that Make an Android a Must Have in the Garden

The app explosion of recent years has gotten into the gardening game. And Android users have a plethora of apps to which they can turn while in the garden.

1. Garden Manager: Plant Alarm
The Garden Manager is a lifesaver, namely saving the lives of my plants. The alarms on this app tells me when watering and fertilizing is needed. The Manager also allows me to track my progress with a photo log or a graph of my plants.

2. The Gardener’s Calendar
This app introduced me to moon planting. Something I have found useful for crop producing plants. The Calendar also offers up advice and tips about soil, pH levels, and germination temperatures.

3. Garden Squared
This app is simple but useful. Garden Squared helped me utilized my smaller gardening areas to their fullest. The app guides to best planning and planting practices in any size garden or planter.

4. ColdSnap! Frost Alarm
I discovered this app when I was concerned about my pipes bursting. But I realized that the alarm could be put to use in my garden. The app lets me know when I need to protect my agriculture from Jack Frost.

5. NatureGate
Too often I would come across a plant I adored but could not recognize. NatureGate ended my plant guessing game by providing identification of several plant species.

6. Expert Gardening Solutions
I have to know what the experts say. So downloading this app was a no brainer. Not only did this app give me all the expert tips I was looking for, it showed me how to garden smarter and how to save money doing it.

7. Pinterest
This app gives me gardening inspiration. With an entire category on gardening and pins from around the web, I never know what kind of encouragement or advice I will find on Pinterest.

8. Gardens Gardens is my new garden scrapbook. This app allows me to take pictures of my plants, add captions and share via Twitter, Facebook or email.

9. Garden Guide
This app drew me to it for a couple of reasons. It is the #1 bestselling gardening book on Amazon, and it’s app is available for free. Garden Guide is an easy read and great reference for people of all gardening levels.

10. Garden Insects Guide
This app helped with my squeamishness around insects. I downloaded the Guide to tell me who were friends and foes of the bug world. And I got info on how to get rid of the pests while luring planting partners. More gardening apps under this article